Fixing Bluestack Error : Length Cannot be Less than Zero

Fixing Bluestack Error
Fixing Bluestack Error

Abhishek Jaiswal

He is a Passionate Geek and Student, who loves his hair and glasses more than anything, I guess. Yeah I guess!!

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24 Responses

  1. Aisha says:

    Very cool trick.

  2. Jasper Ian says:

    WOW!!!!! nice hahahha it works thanks mate 😀

  3. Fa(t)al says:

    thanks man you helped alot. i would like to see further discussions over bluestacks tips and tricks, THANKS

  4. Ahsan Iqbal says:

    thanks man.. may god bless you

  5. KARTIK says:


  6. Alex says:

    This was so very helpful, thanks bro you are my idol.

  7. Jatin says:

    hey bro this didn’t helped with mine, please tell me any other way, if u know.

  8. Ade Muhammad says:

    Cool trick, thanks.

    From Indonesian.

  9. Reginald says:

    dude i changed it. it’s still giving me the same prompt

  10. Nairatips says:

    Yeah, i was in a bind and this article helped me install bluestacks without any problems, Thanks

  11. Murad says:

    wow great idea thanks for your help but i need another help to you.My pc have 2 gb ram and 2.80 ghz amd procesor but the new bluestacks is too slow but the old bluestacks can’t run clash of clash plz help which verion is best for me

  12. FURNEY says:

    coOl bro..thanks

  13. harshit says:

    Thanks a lot..bro ..sometimes a little trick can help huge… worked for me

  14. Saeid says:

    Perfect u saved ma a.s.s

  15. vijay says:

    wowwww…………..Its working bro……..Superrrrrrrrrrr

  16. Vijay says:

    Thanks bro…its really woks 😃 #desiZugaad

  17. Arul says:

    Really impressed bruh!
    I didn’t even expected this to be this much simple… Thanks mate

  18. MUKESH says:


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