Enable Hidden Admin in Windows

Hidden Admin

Ashish Verma

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7 Responses

  1. Sumit Kushwaha says:

    That was very useful. Thank You very much!!

  2. Sumit Kushwaha says:

    can this process be repeated if one has lost the password again?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ashish Verma says:

      Sure as many times as u want Boss..!!! 🙂

      • Sumit Kushwaha says:


        One day I got an error after booting, “WINDOWS PROFILE CANNOT BE LOADED”
        Restarted (tried) several times but was unable to reach logon page. Later, I got that fixed your way, but still curious to know WHY THAT HAPPENED?

        **Few hours earlier, I had changed my LOGON Sound with a wav file (88kbps, 162KB, 15 sec runtime).

        • Sumit Kushwaha says:

          correction: “USER PROFILE CANNOT BE LOADED”

          • Ashish Verma says:

            This generally happens when the user profile is corrupted due to an windows update or any malwares effecting the rootkit.
            So primary measures are to start your system in safe mode and enter in windows restore. So, that You can restore it to some point. if no restore points are available then you have to create a new user and transfer all your files via command line.
            I will put a how to guide for this very soon.
            Stay Updated 🙂

  3. Tegan Villines says:

    This really answered my problem, thank you!

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