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Born 2 code 1

Born to Code – Snippet 1 | CSharp

Here’s a code snippet in C#, take a close look at it- <%@ Page Language= “C#”%> <script runat=server> protected String GetTime() { return DateTime.Now.ToString(“t”); } </script> <html> <body> <form id=”form1″ runcat=”server”> Current Server time...


Format Pen Drive using CMD

Sometime we all need to format our pen drives to make it free from all the viruses and threats it may contain. So, we generally use the basic and simple method to format it...

Hottest Tech Skills 18

Hottest Tech Skills of Era

Hottest Tech Skills of Era – This article is all about the things you should know, if you are directly or Indirectly connected to the field- ‘Computer Science’ So without wasting any bit of...